THS - Complete Property Care
THS is actively seeking to promote a "greener" alternative to filling dumpsters. Where possible we endeavor to reduce and reuse.

Oftentimes customers will ask if we can "get rid of something". Rather than throw the "new" item in the landfill we either donate it or even sell it. 

In October 2013 we purchased a commercial location at 1063 Union Ave in Laconia. This will serve as our local THS office and a retail outlet. Instead of throwing perfectly good furniture, appliances, tools and home goods in the landfill, we will offer them for sale to the community.

Opechee Lake late summer sunset, please recycle Laconia, NH. We offer a wide variety of recycling services. Unwanted metal items are often removed for free. In most cases cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, lawn mowers, tractors and other equipment are removed for free. Sometimes we even pay for serviceable pieces.

Vehicle fluids are properly drained and recycled. Metal is sold to pay for labor and operating cost.
Furniture, books, tools, bikes and electronics are sold to offset operating cost of our commercial lotion.
Limited amounts of household hazardous waste such as paint and older cleaning products are accepted and recycled.

Call for a free cost analysis to help keep NH clean.

Junk Metal
Junk Metal
Junk Metal - Batteries - Scrap Recycling Services
Attic Clean-Out and Disposal Services


We may not save the planet, but we can act locally and
have an impact globally.

Recycle metals and more for a green earth.