THS - Complete Property Care
Bundle Packages

At THS we understand how you value quality service at reasonable prices. That is why we are pleased to offer Property Care Bundle Packages!

These packages are the best value for our customers. Not only can they save you money but they simplify your life by limiting how many people and companies you need to care for your property. Not to mention the time it can save you.

Each homeowner and property has specific needs and we will be pleased to custom design a package that satisfies your personal desire. Whether it is simply a cleaning service or total property care we strive to meet the demands of our customer base.

So go ahead, make your yearly property maintenance list. Figure what you pay out in fees every year, and then schedule a free in home consultation. We guarantee we can save you money, time and the hassle of multiple service providers!  

Property Care Bundle Packages just another fine service from THS!

Glass, Wood or Stone, it's not just your House it's your Home!

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